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The white papers in this library offer our view on emerging practices and principles in the industry, as a starting point for further thought.
The Big Communication, Matching Clinical Advances in IO with Communication
#LXAcademy, cancer, collaboration, Communications, HCP's, immuno-oncology, Medical Education, Oncology, Patients, Thought Leadership,
In Search of the Invisible Army, The Carergivers’ Story
#LXAcademy, Caregivers, Carers, Carers UK, Community, Family, Good pharma, HAVAS HEALTH, Havas Lynx, healthcare, ideas, iNSPIRATION, Passion, patient care, patient support, Patients, Pharma, Support,
Generation Now, The Impact Of The Millennial HCP On Our World
#LXAcademy, #LYNXLife, creativity, Development, digital, Doctors, HCP, Healthcare professional, innovation, Millennial, technology,
Personalized medicine: It’s time to get creative
biological markers, Data, Development, Digital Health, EMR, future, genome project, healthcare, innovation, patient care, Personalized medicine, prevention plan, targeting drugs, tech, technology, wearables,
Interpreting the Future of Healthcare
cognitive, computing, Customer experience, Data, digital, healthcare, IBM Watson, impact, Information, monitoring, technologies, technology, tools,
Connected Health
Connected, healthcare, Healthcare Communications, Insights, Opportunities, Pharma, Strategy, Targeted, Wearable technology, wearables,
Smiles That Save Lives
#patientfocus, Good pharma, Goodpharma, health, Healthcare Communications, patient journey, patient wellbeing,
Remapping the market: Does pharma’s global model need a shake up?
CLM, Closed Loop Marketing, Communications, countries, digital, Global, Good pharma, healthcare, innovation, Language, Localisation, Marketing, Pharma, Platforms, Strategy, Translation,
Thinking healthcare wearable strategy: Function over fashion
activity tracker, analytics, Big Data, healthcare, innovation, mobile, sensors, small data, Strategy, Wearable technology,
UX: Pushing the right buttons
compliance, digital, Function, Havas Lynx, Strategy, User centred design, user experience, UX,
Designing Human Experiences
Communications, compliance, creativity, design, digital, Havas Lynx, Process, Strategy, User centred design, user experience, UX,
Good Pharma: Better for patients, better for business
Ben Goldacre, Ethics, Good business, Good pharma, Healthcare Communications, Patient, Pharma ethics, pharmaceutical, social media, Who cares wins,
Our Opportunity to Rethink the Health Experience
Behaviour, digital, Digital Healthcare, innovation, patient care, perception,
Social Media: A Health Hazard
Digital Healthcare, healthcare, innovation, SmartHEALTH, social media,
A Healthy Ambience: Creating a Lifeline to the New Digital User
creativity, digital, future, growth, health, social,
How Pharma Companies Can Survive the Patent Cliff Through Digital Innovation
creativity, digital, future, growth, health, social,