HAVAS LYNX announces the creation of a new medical education and scientific exchange agency: HAVAS LYNX MEDICAL


Award-winning global healthcare communications group HAVAS LYNX have announced the creation of a new medical education and scientific exchange agency –HAVAS LYNX MEDICAL. The new agency will provide education to health professionals and facilitate the exchange of scientific information between the clinical and pharmaceutical communities. In all its work HAVAS LYNX MEDICAL will exploit both traditional and new methodologies, drawing on the digital prowess of HAVAS LYNX.

In a statement of intent as to the medical, scientific and ethical direction of the new agency Dr. Nick Broughton has been appointed as Medical Director and will lead the development of HAVAS LYNX MEDICAL.

Dr. Broughton has 17 years’ pharmaceutical industry experience within clinical research, medical affairs and regulatory affairs including director roles in the UK and Europe. In addition to his work at HAVAS LYNX MEDICAL he is also a Director of Pharmaceuticalethics.com.

‘Good medical education and scientific exchange creatively delivered has the chance to make those little differences to clinical practice that can improve the life of individual patients,’ said Dr. Broughton ‘It’s that fact and the opportunity to innovate to make it happen that meant this role was something that was too good to miss.’

Commenting on the set-up of the new agency David Hunt, CEO HAVAS LYNX said ‘We recognised very early on that medical education is a very competitive arena and that if we couldn’t offer something new we shouldn’t enter it. Nick’s clinical perspective coupled with his industry experience, our digital pedigree and the enthusiasm of the team we have recruited convince us that HAVAS LYNX MEDICAL will deliver a step change in medical education.’