Christmas is here, the nights have drawn in and those cold days that make you say “Brrrr” are upon us. So to help keep up the Christmas cheer during these icy months, we are helping out a few of our local charities this winter.

This Christmas, we have opted to support local charities rather than sending cards, we hope you understand. We aren’t looking for donations, the team here are working on that, but we wanted to share our festive video with you. Throughout December, we have been collecting donations for Barnabus, Wood Street Mission and Whitechapel Mission. These are great charities who work really hard to help the homeless and vulnerable within our communities and we are proud to support them. Please take a moment to read more about these charities and the fantastic work they do:


Barnabus – Manchester homeless charity

Barnabus is a homeless charity that started out over 20 years ago as one man walking the streets of Manchester. Now it feeds over 600 homeless people a week; helping to find them shelter, access to doctors and places to live.

We have been working closely with Barnabus this year and are really happy to be doing more for them this Christmas. Donated clothes can help provide necessary warmth and cleanliness to the homeless in Manchester; helping to keep them safe during these winter months.


Wood street mission – Manchester children’s charity

Wood Street Mission’s aim is to alleviate the effects of poverty on local children and their families; working towards a world where children can live life free from poverty. This they have been doing since 1869 and have many on-going projects to help improve the situation for these families.

One of these projects is a clothes drive and will be directly helped by our Christmas campaign. Any children’s clothing (up to 18 years of age), bedding and toiletries will be put to great use by the volunteers at Wood Street Mission and help to keep smiles on children’s faces this Christmas.


Whitechapel Mission – London homeless charity

Since 1876, volunteers at Whitechapel have been helping the people of London struck by poverty. They promise that no matter who else may have let you down in life; at 6am when their doors open they will be there with a warm welcome and support. Their aim is to build hope and joy by providing advice services and hot meals – over 200 people benefit from the Mission’s medical advice and morning breakfasts.

Last year, over 34,000 bags of groceries and 45,000 items of clothing were donated, and this Christmas we’re adding to it with our gift box campaign. Anything ranging from clothing to toiletries will be of a great help to those at Whitechapel.

Supporting our community is really important to us as individuals and as a company. We know that many people out there are not as fortunate as ourselves and it can be felt more at this time of year. Please take a moment to watch our Christmas video and please feel free to share it with colleagues & friends. Raising awareness of these charities and the great work they do really helps.

So, although we haven’t sent a card, we wish you the Merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years!