PRIDE: Thinking about the heroes that make the impossible happen every day


If you talk to someone who’s undergone medical treatment for an extended period, been in hospital for a significant procedure, or experienced any sort of major health intervention, what’s the first thing they tell you about? The people. The doctor who doggedly looked for new ways to turn things around; the porter who always had a smile and a minute for a natter; the fundraiser with boundless enthusiasm for raising money and awareness.

Healthcare is on the cusp of a dramatic transformation, one that will improve the lives of patients all over the world. At the heart of this transformation is an army of passionate individuals who care deeply about improving the lives of those around them, whose dedication and commitment make a difference every day, whether that be the patient who shares their story to help others going through a difficult time, or the entrepreneurs innovating with new technology to fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered.

In Healthcare Heroes we celebrate the passion and compassion of these incredible individuals.

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