Here at HAVAS LYNX, we held an internal competition to send one of our amazing young employees to the One Young World Summit 2014 in Dublin. After tough competition, we were pleased to announce Ludmila Crowther, Account Manager as the winner.

Below Ludmila describes her experiences from the event and how as global citizens we can all strive to achieve a better world.

One Young World is an unrivalled opportunity for the youth of today to meet up and collaborate on local and global initiatives, with the goal of making the world a better place. Over 1300 delegates from around the world gathered in Dublin, Ireland, to learn from inspirational KOLs such as Paul Polman, Paul Lindley, Mary Robinson, Boris Becker, Kofi Annan, Professor Muhammad Yunus, and Bob Geldof; and to collaborate with other youth leaders to make a difference.

From the moment we arrived in Dublin, the buzz of the event, the excitement of who we were going to meet and the ideas of the things we could do to make a difference to the world flooded the city. When you entered the convention centre, you could see everyone’s eyes light up and their minds begin churning with ideas.

The four days of the summit were packed with speeches from activists, ex-presidents from Latin America, CEOs of major corporations and our fellow delegates wanting to share the message that we can do more:

–        Mary Robinson kicked off the summit with a key message “We don’t just need urgent leadership, we need transformative leadership.”

–        Kofi Annan pleaded with us that his generation has failed so it is now up to us to save our world.

These thoughts were shared by all in the room and expressed many times when delegates took to the microphone, not asking the leaders what they could do or were doing, but asking tough questions of the other delegates: why are we not fighting against poverty, discrimination, assault, injustice and murder? And, what more can we do to make a difference? It took me a few days before I really processed my experience at the summit but now, as I reflect on my time in Dublin, I realise it was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.

1)      Packed agenda from 8am until 10pm every day. #tired

2)      Once you hear the delegate speakers seek support for their initiatives, you don’t feel like you are making the same impact as others. #depressed

3)      Then, you have this realisation that you can do what everyone else is doing and give yourself to your initiative; doing anything to make it happen. #inspired

4)      And that you can’t take on this work all on your own, you need people to help you. #relieved

5)      Now, all I have to do is convince my colleagues to give their time and expertise to make my dreams a reality. #challenged


LYNX has spent the past couple years driving positive change and building #LXAcademy, a programme that invests in its employees so they can develop their skills and grow as individuals. The initiative I proposed in order to attend the summit was to support the charity Born to Thrive; as the website says it is “a charitable trust dedicated to ensuring that regardless of race, sex, religion, and circumstance all people receive the opportunity to develop, educate and empower themselves. [They] have begun working with two local charitable projects in Rwanda and Kenya, where [they] support child sponsorship programmes, food provision, co-operative schemes and the building of classrooms.” LYNX will help me accomplish this in three ways:

1)      Use its skills to develop the website and raise awareness through a social media campaign

2)      Continue its efforts to raise money through runs, bake sales, etc

3)      Build a relationship with an organisation that is trying to educate their own (like we are also doing through LXAcademy)

The conversations that started at the summit did not end there, they have continued on social media and ambassador meet-ups are occurring around the world. Delegates are fighting for a cause and motivating others to join them in their quest for helpful positive change. Now, it’s my turn!

I feel my initiative is an amazing opportunity for LYNX to expand the LXAcademy programme to help educate others outside of the company. I will be doing everything I can to make this opportunity a reality, develop the relationship with the schools and create positive helpful change. Nothing is impossible.