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Founded in 2009 by David Jones and Kate Robertson, One Young World is a Havas Worldwide initiative that brings together the brightest young people from around the world to debate and formulate solutions for the pressing issues the world faces today; making lasting connections to create positive change.
This year, HAVAS LYNX are giving their bright young stars the opportunity to compete for the chance to attend the One Young World summit in Johannesburg from 2nd – 5th October. Each candidate has created their own initiative for social good that, if chosen, will lead our high5ives activity in 2014.

Congratulations to the winner Lukeki Kaindama.
Thank you for voting.


Julie Southam

Why Me?
People that know me will attest to the fact that I really do care. I volunteer in hospices, day centres and hospitals, campaign against food waste, advocate for the rights of the elderly, have spent Christmas serving dinner to the lonely, organise blood drives and have even cut old people’s toenails because I genuinely and wholeheartedly believe that if you can make a difference even just to one person then giving your time and support to a cause is worthwhile.

I have always fought against the belief that one person cannot make a difference. My initiatives are built on the premise that the little things really do matter. Individually and collectively we can have a major impact — 40 people donating blood is potentially 120 people’s lives saved! Donating voluntary days for my initiatives or any other worthwhile causes; turning off our computers and fans; reducing the amount of waste we use whether food, paper or energy- these things are easy.

My Initiative (In a nutshell)
I will bring together charities with people who are willing to donate their time and expertise within our own industry. I will find copy writers, designers, artworkers and developers internally and externally, with or without experience and will link them with charities that are looking to increase their publicity through apps and other digital media with High5ives/LYNX as a mentoring scheme overseeing the projects. This may seem like a big plan but I have laid the ground work and I have determination to ensure it succeeds.

I vehemently care and believe in what OYW stands for and the difference that it can make by bringing together passionate and driven people who do not feel we should accept the current state of the world. I am one of these people, please show your support.


Claire Knapp

The focus
Sport has been absolutely fundamental to my life and I know the incredibly positive impact it can have on people’s lives. I believe the opportunities and benefits that sports bring should be openly available to everyone. This is especially important because of the growing trend toward chronic conditions in the world – for example sport can be used to help tackle obesity, diabetes and mental health.

The idea
If chosen, I would like to pioneer initiatives that help open up the opportunities and advantages of sport to everyone. But working in a healthcare environment, by focusing on therapy areas we work in, we have the ability to combine our own expertise with the power of pharmaceutical companies. To deliver a better outcome for patients and for the brands we work for.

The Action

1. Awareness
At LYNX we are pretty darn good at designing campaigns that drive awareness of disease areas or brands. So I propose we use our digital and offline brilliance to promote sport ‘taster’ sessions through strong call-to-actions and creative delivery.

2. Uptake
By organising ‘Sport Hubs’ people will be able to sample a number of different sports, whilst advertising the benefits of joining sport, success stories and ultimately drive participation with local sports clubs. Including high-profile sports people, Paralympians and of course utilising some of the sporting prowess I have seen around the office, will help raise the profile of these events.

3. Advocacy
Using data capture we can develop continued conversations, the stories from which can be heard and driven back into the campaign to help inspire more people to participate.


Tom Wordley

As a company, I would like to focus our future charitable campaigns on helping children who have been abused or neglected. In the UK, there are over 50,000 children at risk of child abuse, with 1 in 4 young adults being ill-treated during their childhood.

This abuse can exist in many different forms, be that physical, emotional, sexual or neglect, and for some children it is by someone that they know and “trust”.

How we can help

  • Fund raising – on a local and national level
  • Volunteering – school presentations, helpline support or with local projects

Communication problem
Many children who are abused do not communicate it to their parents (1 in 5 of bullied children and 1 in 3 of those sexually abused – this rises to 4 out of 5 if they were abused by someone they know). This lack of communication is something that we can help solve using technology.

My initiative
Abused children show many signs of abuse, but due to this lack of communication they are not always picked up. The main places we can help people notice signs of abuse are:

  • At school/at home – create questionnaires that teachers/parents can fill out to flag signs of abuse and direct them to where they should go next for more information and guidance
  • With the child – a Tamagotchi style game that subtly tracks their mood and flags problems to a person of their choice (friend, teacher, parent etc.)

We can make a difference
We have the expertise and drive to make a big difference to a large number of people. One young world is all about the people of the future and here is our way of helping them have a better start in life – if you agree, then please vote for me.


Lukeki Kaindama

The issue?
Misconceptions about our appearance often become the foundation for poor self-esteem. Only 11% of girls globally feel comfortable using the word ‘beautiful’ to describe themselves yet 72% of girls feel pressure to be ‘beautiful’.

Low self-esteem affects every aspect of our lives and can result in serious health conditions including eating disorders and mental instability.

My solution
A mentoring project delivering workshops to improve self-esteem, working in partnership with schools and youth clubs. Initially the workshops will focus on girls aged 13-18, and later rolled out to include boys of the same age. Run by women from varied backgrounds with the aim of empowering young girls to fulfil their potential and give back to society, the workshops will encourage a positive self-image, high ambitions and goal achievement. The emphasis is on local people tackling a universal problem in local communities.

A website will be set up to create a community amongst workshop attendees and mentors and to download workshop resources. The success of the project will be tracked through website traffic, downloads, and social media conversations. The goal is to build a network of mentors and mentees (eventually future mentors) that is easily replicable in all communities, especially disadvantaged ones.

Why should you vote?
We are all born with unique talents and our success arises from accepting and developing them.

In the medical communications industry, we facilitate the improvement of patients’ quality of life by providing doctors and patients with the right information. This project aims to replicate this; improving quality of life of young people in our communities by providing support and nurturing their talents. Your vote is a step towards making this a reality.

One Young World empowers young people to make a difference and with this project we all can play a part in equipping young people to do just that!

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